5 out of 5 stars - First-rate effort from an obscure master Reviewer: Jon White Mark Campbell and the various incarnations of Soulshaker have been laboring in relative obscurity for too long. "Straight Ahead Human" is great music that deserves a wider audience. Mark's vocals and guitar work remain in top form, while the compositions and production are better than ever. A 70's rock influence is evident throughout, but the overall feel is fresh rather than derivative. 5 out of 5 stars - LOVE IT! Reviewer: Shan I love this CD, it rocks people! Great vocals and lyrics , and the guitar leads are off the hook! My favorite songs are Mutual Destruction and Saalome Sunrises. Great work! Very nicely produced!! (and i am picky about what i like) Salut! 5 out of 5 stars - Mark Campbell's masterpiece work, true to himself, real rock. Reviewer: Karl Beghtol Straight Ahead Human is a culmination of a life work of true rock and roll life style, not a sell out but true to the heart of what is rock and roll. The songs are real and are not only arranged intelligently but executed masterfully by an artist who has paid his dues for years and all we have to do to is slide the plastic disc into a player and turn up the volume and let the power come over you. This collection of original songs can get you motivated as they are hard driving and rocking. I applaud this stellar effort .” - Jon White / Shan / Karl Beghtol

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Soulshaker : Straight Ahead Human : Austin band Soulshaker has come to the plate with their 2004 release , Straight Ahead Human . It's an interesting journey . Although the album was released this year , it could have been produced aroun 1974 , as the music and vocals take on a nice old-school Arena Rock sound to them . The Motownesque " Rainy Nights" is a tribute to some great singers like BJ Thomas and Otis Redding . " Keep on thinking love is gonna come again / Like you seen your last lover , like you lost your last friend ". The CD tends to dwell on the alien life form subject a little too much . In fact , the title song is about Celestial Travellers . There's also a track called " Singing Ships " which utilizes a 1980 recording from Switzerland ( made by Billy Meier ) of a spaceship ( who am I to say it's not real ? ) . Another track , "Salome Sunrises " also mentions our friends from other worlds . There are other types . " Those Lips were Made for me " has a sweet Ringo Starr " Sweet Sixteen " sound . Gene Simmons could have recorded " The Devil you Say " . " Dance all over Me " is a tribute to the women on the dancing pole . The power ballad " I'll Live to Love Again " is a flick-the-lighter Classic . If you'd like to find out more about Mark Campbell and Soulshaker , visit http://www.soulshaker.com” - Sean Claes

Insite Magazine - November 2004 issue, Austin , Texas

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